Brett Colby

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Hoffmanns Erzählungen (The Tales of Hoffmann) – Theater Görlitz, Germany

The Tales of Hoffmann (Goerlitz, Germany)

The Tales of Hoffmann (Goerlitz, Germany)

Original German: “Brett Noorigian Colby mit stimmlich gut gemeisterten schauspielerischen Kabinettstückchen und einer makellosen Sprachbeherrschung.” (English translation: Brett Noorigian Colby mastered his assortment of diverse roles vocally, theatrically and with immaculate diction.) – Sächsische Zeitung, Jens Daniel Schubert

Le Nozze di Figaro – Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre

“Of particular note was Brett Noorigian Colby as Don Basilio and Don Curzio, a scene stealer with his comic characterizations.” – The Gazette, Katy Alter

Madama Butterfly – Virginia Opera

“Brett Colby combines comic acting talent and a lyric tenor voice in an excellent performance as Goro, the marriage broker.” – The Free Lance-Star, Lucia Anderson

“Brett Colby almost stole the show as the animated, fawning Goro.” – Daily Press, David Nicholson

“Goro became quite interesting in the hands of tenor Brett Colby. His bright sound suited the annoying schemer, as did his often comical stage movement.”-The Virginian Pilot, Lee Teply

“Brett Colby portrayed the delightfully nefarious marriage broker, Goro.” – Broadside Online, Dawn Durvin

La Périchole – West Bay Opera

“…Colby’s was a performance to savor. Within the unbridled comic goings-on, he handled Piquillo’s predicament with a light touch, keeping the character touchingly sincere, if just a bit goofy, without getting either too clownish or too maudlin. With his bright, lyric tenor, Colby sang with stylish security and nimble articulation.” – Palo Alto Weekly, Kelly Snyder

La Perichole (Palo Alto, CA)

La Perichole (Palo Alto, CA)

“The delightfully dense Piquillo was sweetly sung by tenor Brett Colby. Another fine comedic actor, Colby was agile and game for his characters many pratfalls.” – Classical Voice Review, Terri Stuart

“Brett Colby did well as Piquillo, bringing eagerness and a fine comic touch to the role.” – San Francisco Classical Voice, Janos Gereben

“The roles are tailor made for the three principals… Brett Colby is a very good actor, and a find as the goofball Piquillo.” – The San Mateo County Times, Keith Kreitman

Carmen – Mobile Opera

“…a noteworthy performance from Brett Colby as Remendado.” – The Mobile Register, Thomas B. Harrison

Madama Butterfly – Opera Illinois

“As marriage broker Goro, Brett Colby was delightful as he sang and flitted up and down and about the set. Always smiling, always bartering, always two steps away form seriousness, he lends lightness amid the more serious themes of love and tragedy.” – Rockford Register Star, Nat Bauer

“Goro, played by Brett Colby, grew into a much more notable character than one might expect. Recognizable from the first by his incongruous little black derby hat, he manages to be all over the stage, and, appropriate to the role, always in the way, seemingly unaware of being obtrusive.” – The Rock River Times, Georgia Pampel

“Tenor Brett Colby is especially compelling in the role of Goro…who watches Butterfly’s decline like a vulture. ” – Peoria Journal Star, Gary Panetta

“Brett Colby had a suitably oily stage presence, the marriage broker.” – The Peoria Times-Observer, Phil Marcus

The Merry Widow – Rimrock Opera

“Winning laughs as the ‘vehhrry, vehhrry’ French Camille de Rosillon is New Yorker Brett Colby, whose lovely tenor voice scales the heights and whose accent is a giddy spoof.” – The Billings Gazette, Christine Meyers

Susannah (Utah Festival Opera, with Faith Esham)

Susannah (Utah Festival Opera, with Faith Esham)

“…with handsome French attaché Camille de Rosillon, played by the excellent tenor Brett Colby. Colby’s brilliant comedic performance was extraordinary. He played a passionate, indefatigable suitor whose exaggerated accent, dramatic, and worshipful overtures Valencienne tried hard to resist. ” – The Billings Outpost, Kristen Rickels

Susannah (Utah Festival Opera)

“Brett Colby portrays a tormented, victimized youth with a resonant voice and natural stage presence.” – The Salt Lake Tribune, Michael Chipman

My Heinous Life – The Kraine Theatre, NYC

“Brett Colby is sweet candy” – H/X Magazine, Gregory Young

“Colby’s commanding tenor voice and sure stage presence kept the nonsense moving briskly” – The Coaster, Robert F. Carroll

Me and My Girl – College Light Opera Company

“Brett Colby was wonderful as Herbert Parchester, the family solicitor who simply loves to give advice. His way of walking and talking caused his performance of ‘The Family Solicitor’ to be fabulous.” – The Enterprise, Catherine L. LeGraw

Countess Maritza – College Light Opera Company

“Brett Colby mugs and minces and preens in an almost but not quite over-the-top portrayal of a handsome but boneheaded baron. His song and dance duets are the comic highlights of the show.” – The Cape Cod Times, George Lilies